My first book Artificial Humanties: A Literary Perspective on Language in AI is under advance contract with the University of Michigan Press. In the book, I present my research program on how to bring the humanities into the very creation of technologies on the case of AI-based language technologies: chatbots, virtual assistants, social robots, neurotech, and large language models.

Most recent publications include:

My earlier scholarly publications, written in Slovenian, are available on Google Scholar.

From 2008-18, I worked as a writer (Airbeletrina, Apokalipsa, Literatura, Mentor, Pogledi, Radio Študent) and editor (Asymptote).

I have published short stories and essays, some of which are featured in the essay collection Eseji izseljenih milenijk in milenijcev by Beletrina. Over the years, I conducted interviews with notable figures like Charles Simic, André Valter, Alvin Pang, and Boštjan Narat. I also wrote editorials and book reviews on works by Salman Rushdie, Janez Ramoveš, Hanif Kureishi, Mitja Lovše, Festival Pranger, and many others.

I have translated Alvin Pang's poetry, Herta Müller's speech, Jonas Hassen Khemiri's essay, and numerous essays by ex-Yugoslavian authors like Marko Pogačar, Dubravka Ugrešić, Igor Marojević, Srećko Horvat, and others, some of which are published also in the essay collection The State of Matters: Anthology of Reflectives and Reflections (2012).